Dear Friends! 

Our APS team operates 24/7 to support Ukrainian business in this difficult time!

We ensure that each company in our country could run its business remotely, continuously and safely.

Our Telegram channel: APS РАЗОМ 24/7 provides an easy communication tool for the companies to cooperate in the market. Our qualified staff assures its expertise to close the deals between them.

You may support Ukrainian business, economy and our country by donating this Telegram channel!

Your donation will cover our permanent needs in people, SW/HW and promotion of this project.

How could you help APS_Разом 24/7

Please use the following accounts to donate:


4149 4390 2256 5174


4441 1144 5660 6795

Other banks (including foreign currency payments) )

While making a foreign currency payment, please specify its amount in Ukrainian currency UAH, and then it will be executed according to the currency rate of your bank.

Please share the link with your contacts. We’ll be grateful for any form of assistance.

In unity is our strength!