Purchase request (APS Request)

Tasks of the "Purchase Request" module

Correct formation of production needs

Operational consideration and processing by the procurement service

Effective provision of business with the necessary goods and services

Functional capabilities

  • Strict application form and the need to properly describe the need;
  • Use of a single nomenclature directory and nomenclature control;
  • Provision by the Internal customer of the criteria for procurement and conducting the Tender;
  • Approval of purchase applications by all participants in a single system.
  • Possibility of remote approval at any convenient time;
  • Control of application deadlines at each stage of its existence;
  • Availability of application status for the Internal customer;
  • Distribution of applications between the relevant Specialists of the Procurement Department.
  • Consolidation of applications to reduce the number of tender procedures and form an optimal tender structure;
  • Accumulation of information for the calculation of process KPI;
  • Automatic closing and archiving of applications.

The APS Smart Purchase Request module provides increased efficiency in the interaction of the Internal customer with the Procurement Department