Order (APS Order)

Tasks of the "Order" module

2 in 1: automatic order from the contract + control of goods acceptance

Control of delivery, compliance with terms, completeness and quality of goods

Formation of supply calendars by enterprises, centralized management

Functional capabilities

  • Forming an order from the contract;
  • Control of the nomenclature, quantity, terms in the order according to the contract;
  • Confirmation of the order.
  • Detailed forecasting of cargo arrival and visualization of deliveries in the calendar;
  • Ability to use supply data to calculate supplier rating;
  • Availability of data on the timeliness and completeness of deliveries for each of the suppliers.
  • End-to-end control of purchases by nomenclature positions;
  • Interactive coordination and adjustment of delivery details;
  • Accumulation of statistics on the time of reception and discharge.
  • Prompt availability of information about warehouse operations;
  • Ability to control payment for each individual order;
  • Automatic closing of orders upon completion and payment.
  • Interaction with the supplier evaluation and development module;
  • Ability to interact with payment control modules to suppliers and client-bank;
  • Possibility of integration with warehouse and accounting systems.

The APS Smart Order module provides automatic formation of the supply order and its control in accordance with the contract