Procurement by banks and financial organizations

Sense Bank

Features of financial sector enterprises procurement:

  • Qualitative and structured trade procedures.
  • Interrelation with suppliers should be directed on long-term cooperation (down to “bringing up” your own suppliers), the purpose is to build long-term partner relations for qualitative and effective cooperation (long-term contracts)
  • They understand very well (and are able to calculate) operational activity and its costs. Procurement is one of the processes where operational activity could be and must be optimized.
  • Serious approach to analytics and scrupulousness in details of identification the companies, nomenclatures (integration with ЕDР register and CPV reference book).

What we offer to banks and financial sector organizations:

  • Control of suppliers: keeping documentation in electronic form. Constituent documents are attached to the system at once, thus eliminating the complexity of collecting suppliers’ documentation.
  • Automated consolidation of Security service inspection results, audits.
  • History and audit of supplier participation in tenders.
  • Control of domestic customers: connection plan-budget-procurement.
  • Electronic document flow and Electronic Signature.
  • Application campaign reduction from 2 months to 2 weeks. On the account of patterns adjustment coordination (parallel, staged, simultaneous).