Purchases in food production

TM Morshynska
«Globino» Group of Companies
Kingsmak («Viktor & Co» Pp)
Bakery Food Investment
Suntrade Subsidiary Enterprise TM “Oleina”
SMK Group
Enzym Private Joint-Stock Company
Hlibodar Trade mark
Manufacturing and Trading Lukas Company
Rodynna kovbaska Trade mark («Barkom» LLC)
Lasunka LLC
Additional liability company “Yatran”
PJSC “Zhytomyr Butter Plant” – Company “Rud”

Features of procurement by food manufacturers:

  • It is characterized by very rhythmic procedures as the cycle of foodstuffs production depends from them (particularly perishable items): proposal-tender-order-dispatch.
  • Strategic products delivery must be “to the very moment”. Clear interconnection of production plans: plan of needs – procurement plan (tenders)- delivery plan – as a unified point-to-point mechanism.
  • Operation with vendors is important: reliability and quality, strict concurrence to payments.
  • Procurement data integration with ERP.

What we offer to the food industry companies:

  • Feasibility of group procurement for ensuring volumes (consolidation of needs (proposals) for tender along with splitting the points of delivery, as well as automated calendar of deliveries.
  • Integration with ERP (only data on purchase nomenclatures are collected and given up without needless “nomenclature rubbish”).
  • Control of supplier. Automation of long-term Contracts – after biddings all changes or additions to contract are kept in supplier’s office. Feasibility to develop strategic partnership with key suppliers via corresponding qualification.
  • Monitoring of warehouse remains to avoid unnecessary procurement and charges.