Purchases in food production

TM Morshynska
«Globino» Group of Companies
Kingsmak («Viktor & Co» Pp)
Suntrade Subsidiary Enterprise TM “Oleina”
SMK Group
TM Gemini
Enzym Private Joint-Stock Company
Hlibodar Trade mark
Manufacturing and Trading Lukas Company
OBOLON Corporation
Rodynna kovbaska Trade mark («Barkom» LLC)
Lasunka LLC
LOGOS Corporation
TM Pripravka
House of Vintage Cognacs “Tavria”
Additional liability company “Yatran”
PJSC “Zhytomyr Butter Plant” – Company “Rud”

Features of procurement by food manufacturers:

  • It is characterized by very rhythmic procedures as the cycle of foodstuffs production depends from them (particularly perishable items): proposal-tender-order-dispatch.
  • Strategic products delivery must be “to the very moment”. Clear interconnection of production plans: plan of needs – procurement plan (tenders)- delivery plan – as a unified point-to-point mechanism.
  • Operation with vendors is important: reliability and quality, strict concurrence to payments.
  • Procurement data integration with ERP.

What we offer to the food industry companies:

  • Feasibility of group procurement for ensuring volumes (consolidation of needs (proposals) for tender along with splitting the points of delivery, as well as automated calendar of deliveries.
  • Integration with ERP (only data on purchase nomenclatures are collected and given up without needless “nomenclature rubbish”).
  • Control of supplier. Automation of long-term Contracts – after biddings all changes or additions to contract are kept in supplier’s office. Feasibility to develop strategic partnership with key suppliers via corresponding qualification.
  • Monitoring of warehouse remains to avoid unnecessary procurement and charges.