Electronic document management system

Document management system, APS DOCS electronic work flow APS DOCS

Modern system of electronic corporate document management,  interaction with external counterparties , automated, systematized and controlled processes in clerical, human resources, financial and financial matters.

DMS APS DOCS - what is it?

APS DOCS is a system (module) of electronic document flow, designed for management, tracking, control of the flow of corporate documentation, creation of a single automated information environment of the company, as well as management of documentary work with external counterparties.

Document management system, APS DOCS electronic work flow

APS E-DOCS can be used as a functional module as part of SRM APS SMART or as a separate self-sufficient document management solution at the enterprise. If necessary, integrates with third-party online services for instant document transfer: Вчасно, Document.OnLine, Deals, etc. 

For whom the APS DOCS solution is intended

APS DOCS is designed to automate document flow management of a company or enterprise of any field of activity and form of ownership (state and commercial).

Aimed at management and processing of external and internal document flow of the company’s organizational divisions, such as:

office and secretariat

legal and security service

HR and personnel

finance and accounting

other management and production divisions

Functional blocks APS DOCS

DMS APS DOCS is created based on assembly principle, it is easily adjusted to the specifics of the work of a particular company by ordinary specialists of the customer company.

Document management system, APS DOCS electronic work flow

What gives the use of APS DOCS to the business

Increasing the speed and quality of document processing

Systematization and automation of work with documents, saving resources

Control and transparency of execution (processing) of documents

Effective management of information, data, document archive

legally significant document flow with digital signature

Automatic integration with the APS SMART SRM system, as well as the possibility of integration with third-party systems and services