Goods and fast moving consumer goods services

“Puzata Hata” Restaurant network

Features of procurement in a commercial or service company:

  • Ready for alternative monetization of auctions. It is customary for retail due to specificity of interrelation with supplier (supplier the winner pays for victory in auction).
  • Main procurement categories for providing distributive networks activity, services (expendable material assets, safeguard, cleaning, merchandising). The necessity of orders on regular basis.
  • Create tender procurement of FMCG goods to sell them on the shelfs of the stores.

What we offer to retailers, traders and service providers:

  • Centralized procurement support for regional sales points. We suggest powerful tender block. With the aim to minimize a great number of tenders we also offer rebidding reduction.
  • We can make provisions for attracting new suppliers. Suppliers’ pool selection for 6-12 months with bidding between them before the order.
  • Development of strategic partnership with key suppliers. Arrangement of non-specific procurement for trade field (construction, out staffing, and etc.).
  • Material assets norming for standard operations.