електронні системи закупівель

03/26/19 the regular meeting of the Purchasing Club was held on the topic: “Electronic purchasing systems. Advantages and disadvantages”. Representatives of our Company participated in the panel discussion of the Club.

Issues that were discussed:

  • How to choose an electronic system for yourself?
  • What criteria is important to pay attention to?
  • The complexity of implementation. What if the company resists?
  • Efficiency and effectiveness assessment tools.
  • For whom must have tender sites, and who better to stay offline?
  • How digitalization will affect competitiveness in tenders.

The following speakers shared their experience in introducing electronic systems: Dmitry Marchenko, Head of Procurement, Smart Energy Group, Natalia Podgornaya, Head of Corporate and Commercial Procurement, Lifecell Ukraine, and Roman Kravets, Head of the Procurement Department at Astarta-Kiev.

All issues that were discussed at the event were relevant for customers and suppliers of automated solutions. What is valuable is that the invited speakers shared their own experiences, that is, all the information was “first-hand”: features of system selection, preparation complexity, implementation process, results, development and scaling possibilities, and the like.

It was noted that the important factors of choosing a system for a customer are the experience of an automated solution provider, the ability to provide high-quality technical and customer support, ease of work for users in the system, the ability to integrate such a solution into corporate accounting systems.

Of course, listeners were also interested in the results and benefits that companies received from automating their purchases.

In those companies where the full procurement cycle was automated, the results were very powerful: annual savings on purchases, automation payback within 1-2 months after implementation, as well as full control of all purchases in the context of “from a single fact of procurement to procurement by division of the company or In general, all purchases are by holding structure.

We, as developers and suppliers of automated procurement system APS SMART, are 100% agree with the foregoing. The issue of automation is broad, often not simple, but where there is professionalism, understanding and desire for change, there are also positive results.

You will receive complete information on the possible results, terms and stages of the implementation of the electronic procurement system from experts of the APS team – automate e-procurement and join the market leaders