Contract (APS Contract)

Tasks of the "Contract" module

Automatic formation of contracts, agreements, specifications after the selection of suppliers

End-to-end control of the nomenclature, quantity and delivery terms according to the agreement

Electronic document flow. Online agreement and signing of contractual obligations

Functional capabilities

  • Automatic creation of contracts, according to the decision adopted in the tender;
  • The possibility of creating a new contract or specification for an existing one;
  • Interactive negotiation of the contract with the Supplier (EDI).
  • Different models of contract approval, depending on the category of goods/services and the amount of the contract;
  • Possibility of remote approval at any convenient time;
  • Possibility of signing the KEP.
  • Electronic archive and contract search;
  • A library of contract templates for each procurement category;
  • Analyzes of the plan-fact of working with contracts.
  • Control of the terms of finding documents at each stage of contract approval;
  • Accumulation of information for calculating the KPI of the contract conclusion process.
  • Impossibility of editing the contract after its approval;
  • Automatic closing and archiving of Contracts;
  • Ability to work from mobile devices.

The APS Smart Contract module ensures the approval and execution of electronic agreements between counterparties using the KEP