system modules

Program for automation of procurement - generate profit with SRM APS SMART

SRM APS SMART procurement management system is a set of modern solutions and services organized according to module principle applied at different stages of procurement management process and in cooperation with the suppliers.

Thanks to module structure we can design a solution practically for any procurement activity and our customers can select the required functional.

Combining the necessary modules for your tasks You will get:

System modules

Procurement complete cycle coverage

  • Procurement planning
  • budgeting
  • collection of needs
  • creation and adjustment of purchase requests
  • conducting tenders (of all kinds including reductions – reduction auctions)
  • multivariable definition of the winner
  • contract adjustment
  • order for delivery
  • goods acceptance
  • procurement analytics
  • procurement KPI, as well as nomenclature and supplier’s management.

System modules

Cost cutting for organization of procurement procedures

  • On the account of management automation charges for procurement organization are reduced.
  • Automated processes, electronic document flow minimize human factor and data losses.
  • Integration feasibility of data transfer/acquisition from other business systems (УС, WMS, CRM, PIM and etc.) enables to maximum expedite procurement activity processes.
  • Procurement procedures by themselves become systematic and qualitatively proper.

System modules

Qualitative management of suppliers

  • Modern tools will help to assess risks and the possibility to work with new supplier, monitor and control the work of operating suppliers. Predict future possibilities of relationships and their potential.

System modules


  • Electronic methods to keep procurement represent multivarious functional for improving procurement conditions. For example, consolidation of requests from different divisions or juridical persons enable to get better conditions on the account of increase in volume of purchases.
  • Automated operation with the suppliers will enable to attract new suppliers with the aim to reduce dependence from the operating suppliers or to obtain better conditions then the existing ones.

System modules

Eliminate factors of inner and external corruption

  • Full control at all stages of procurement or trade processes.
  • Automated logging of users’ actions, procurement conditions, bidding results, selection of winners as well as operations with suppliers.

System modules

Feasibility of making procurement internationally

  • On the account of peculiarities of system integration and flexibility of settings it is possible to promptly trace the system, reset the processes accounting for local specific features of conducting business, to work in multicurrency format, realize trans-border trade operations.

System modules

Get analytical data instantly

  • Various and multi variable reports, statistics and analytics. To conduct successful operational activity, taking decisions, control of KPI executors, suppliers.

System modules

Integration with the sales and procurement platform

  • Access to aggregated commercial bidding information for all APS SMART customers
  • Diverse trading procedures: tenders, auctions, sales, announcements

System modules

  • Reduction of average term of proposal processing at 20-25%
  • Significant simplification of procurement proposals processing control
  • Increasing the effectiveness of interaction between the initiator and Procurement division
  • Multi-format of procurement tenders: auction, reduction, RFx
  • Reduction of time resource for conducting the tender
  • Procurement professionalism growth
  • Costs savings up to 30%
  • Tender process safety
  • Reduction of terms for conclusion of contracts at 35-70%
  • Minimization of risks of contract non-conformity to tender solution
  • Reduction of costs for contract conclusion at 60-90%
  • Payments speed
  • Payments control
  • Minimization of payment errors
  • Integration with enterprise accounting system and Client-Bank system
  • Increase in deliveries effectiveness
  • Increase in personnel effectiveness at 15-35%
  • Reduction of risks in deliveries
  • Procurement strategic management
  • Operational management of key costs groups
  • Personnel effectiveness control
  • Procurement strategic management
  • Operational management of key costs groups
  • Personnel effectiveness control
  • Online deliveries
  • Documentation handling automation
  • Personnel work load planning
  • Data consolidation with regard to projects
  • Plans, budgets control
  • Reduction of operational planning cycle
  • Снижение уровня складских запасов
  • Решение проблем OVER-STOCKов и STOCK-OUTов
  • Ускорение времени поставки
  • Integration with budgets, projects
  • Planned and unscheduled procurement control
  • Funds reservation
  • Expenditures excess control
  • Automatic recalculation
  • Integration with plans, projects
  • “Single window” to work with documents and system
  • Group work with documents
  • Customary interface of MS Word type
  • Integratability with any system
  • Combinable micro services for any tasks
  • Transfrontier capabilities
  • System “Control center”
  • Intuitive interface
  • Comfortable administration of users – allocation of rights and roles, setting of models
  • and routs interfacing, and others

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System modules

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