Telegram channel APS_Razom 24/7

At a time when the usual processes of life, production, business are disrupted, we are all forced to look for new solutions that could help build connections, support the economy and accelerate our victory.

Our team launched a public telegram channel APS_Razom 24/7  in order to establish the fastest possible communication between customers and suppliers, finding needs to address the urgent needs of Ukrainian business, volunteers, philanthropists.

Telegram channel APS_Razom 24/7

APS_Razom 24/7

  • Free publication;
  • Constant growth of active users.
  • Number of ads per day 100+;
  • Number of views of one ad 600+.

contracting - up to 30%
depending on the trade category of the offer

  • Establishing long-term relationships, live contacts;
  • Wishes or comments online directly in the comments.
  • Advertising your ads (weekly and monthly packages available);
  • Help of professional buyers – APS SMART team.

You can submit a free ad or leave information about your needs at the link.

Join us! In unity is our strength!

How can you support APS_Razom 24/7

Telegram channel APS_Razom 24/7


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Telegram channel APS_Razom 24/7

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