APS Tender
APS Reduction

Tasks of the module "Tender"

Conducting electronic online auctions

Control of compliance with reliability requirements, comprehensive assessment of supplier qualifications

Monitoring of the market, suppliers, product characteristics and financial components of purchases

Functional capabilities

  • Automatic creation of tenders, according to approved applications;
  • Use of tender templates;
  • Electronic coordination and approval of tender documentation;
  • Approval models according to the tender budget and procurement category.
  • Conducting RFI, RFP, RFQ;
  • Automatic acceptance of proposals and combinatorial selection of the optimal solution;
  • Application of criteria system for supplier selection;
  • A wide base of suppliers, expansion of the competitive environment.
  • Automatic optimization of decisions in complex tenders;
  • The possibility of conducting multi-round tender procedures;
  • Simple and quick setting of tender documentation;
  • Use of templates for routine tenders;

  • Ready reporting on each stage of the tender.

Tasks of the module "Auction/Reduction"

Getting the best price from suppliers in the shortest amount of time

Multi-model bidding according to the needs of the customer

Calculation of multifactor criteria in bidding

Functional capabilities

  • Various models of bidding;
  • Multifactor online reductions;
  • The possibility of using the auction as a component of any tender process.
  • Convenient visualization of the trading process in real time;
  • Adjustment of bid ranges and protection against errors when submitting bids;
  • The possibility of bidding according to a set of criteria.
  • Participation of suppliers in procurement coordination;
  • Ability to work with different languages ​​and currencies.

APS Smart Tender and APS Auction/Reduction modules ensure the selection, assessment of suppliers, procurement in the form of online auctions of various formats in accordance with the needs of the customer