Procurement of construction companies and organizations

Company “Kryvyi Rig Cement”
URD Ukrainian Roads
Stolitsa Group

Features of procurement in construction

  • All procurement is kept on paper and in .exel.
  • Procurement activity is connected with construction projects without proper control from Central offices (staff).
  • Principle peculiarities are connected with production necessity of construction projects continuity cycle: Procurement realization on the principle “to the very moment” as in SCM: procurement-delivery schedule-delivery fact with control points of order execution.
  • Preciseness factors in procurement planning are important, procurement quality factor, factors of operating terms with supplier. Development of «Suppliers’ Office».

What we offer construction companies:

  • Consolidation of all request (related to construction projects) in procurement center, control of not only used funds but all procurement stages as well, from the request to delivery at warehouse.
  • Procurement control per projects, connection with procurement planning and budgeting.
  • Warehouse remains control (availability at warehouse; availability at another project), Material assets norming for standard operations.
  • Development of strategic partnership with key suppliers.