Integration (APS Integration)

Tasks of the "Integration" module

Organization of data exchange between ERP, WMS, BI, etc. and SRM APS Smart

Promptness of updating information about purchases in the customer's accounting system

Completeness of the management picture in the procurement process

Functional capabilities

  • Establishing relationships between any electronic systems and APS;
  • Transfer of information from/to any accounting ERP system (SAP, 1C, etc.);
  • Combinatorics of micro-services for any tasks;
  • Access to web services.
  • Completeness of information about the purchase, speed of updating data within the main accounting system;
  • Reading/writing information from other business systems and applications (WMS, BI, etc.)
  • Reduction of “manual” work, avoidance of data duplication, manual data entry;
  • Transboundary.

The APS Smart Integration module ensures the unification of disparate information systems and tools into a single software business space