Working with documents in APS Smart

Working with documents in SRM APS Smart is possible using both internal tools and a separate specialized EDI module of electronic document management APS Docs. If necessary, with the use of an electronic signature (KEP/ESP).

Tools for working with documents APS Smart

Internal tools and capabilities

Electronic document management module APS Docs

KEP/EDS (Qualified Electronic Signature)

  • Ability to work with documents directly in the system;
  • Possibility of group/divided work on one document, agreement, commenting;
  • Built-in MS Office document editor.
  • Separate module/system;
  • Management, control and processing of internal and external document flow;
  • Сreation-Reconciliation-Registration-Signature-Archiving of documents.

More details here

  • Improved electronic signature.
  • Used for identification of the user’s identity; signing agreements, electronic documents (for sending them to counterparties through the EDI system; submitting proposals, declarations, etc.).

All tools for working with documents in APS Smart are designed for creating, managing, controlling the circulation of procurement documentation, as well as managing corporate documentation, managing documentary work with external contractors. Creation of a single automated information environment of the company