New features of the APS SMART system: version 2.19 2

A software product is like a living organism: in order to live, it must develop, become better and more necessary, for which the APS SMART team works. We have released a new version – 2.19. It contains both updates of an already working functional, and many new, useful things – our timely response to the needs of a rapidly growing and changing market. So, what is implemented:


In cases of “complex” procurement, where the competence of one person is not enough, the opportunity has appeared to add multiple assistants of coordinators, i.e. A user who approves procurement documentation before accepting proposals or as a result of selecting winners after a decision has been made, can simultaneously add one or more assistants with different competencies and responsibilities.
In addition, there are now several options for setting up document approval stages between such assistants (for example, parallel work and / or step-by-step work).


The possibility of authorization in the system with the help of a qualified EDS appeared.
Do you have a digital signature? You can log in to the system with its help. And this is a guarantee that only you and no one else will have access to important information.


A very useful feature for partner interaction. Directly in the system, without papers, faxes and emails.
Coordination of Contracts with counterparties and different settings for the process of such reconciliation (in stages, in parallel). And also, the signing of the electronic signature of the contract text (specifications, additional agreements) by the counterparty in his office.


A very necessary thing. Planning, and even with the budget – is the beginning of the future.
Communication of the budget plan with applications and tenders, including automatic calculation of planned budgets relative to the approximate cost of the nomenclature of applications.
Read more about the APS BUDGET Module in the next article.


Expansion of the pool of integration methods with external accounting systems. The simultaneous possibility of creating an Application in the APS system directly, and / or receiving it from an external system (for example, 1C) is implemented. In fact, where the customer is used to creating an application, we will take it from there.


  • The ability to insert QR codes and bar codes into the texts of documents (contracts, specifications, invoices), which is very helpful not only in identifying the document, but also in identifying its contents (for example, in case of clearance of goods to the warehouse on the invoice).
  • The ability to use (insert) headers and footers for .pdf documents, and this is not only additional information, such as “super secret” and pagination, but also “beauty guidance”, the use of corporate style.

You can learn more about all the functions and modules of the software product on our website: the APS SMART team is your best assistant in the examination and automation of procurement!